Steroids: what they are and which steroids are best

Steroids – harm or benefit

Athletes, male or female, often turn to steroids when they want to improve their performance. They help you gain muscle mass fast, but not many people think about the price of it. Anabolics are harmful to your health, and this is a medically proven fact. The use of such complex pharmaceuticals cannot be without consequences. At first glance, anabolic nutrition seems harmless to athletes, because most of them are just pills. But it is worth taking a closer look at what steroid is good to use for the first course and weigh the pros and cons before using them to avoid side effects.

History of steroids

Before 1935, almost nothing was known about the effects of steroids on the body. No one ever imagined that they could be used to build muscle mass. It was in 1935, when studies were conducted on dogs, that the injections were proven to significantly increase weight gain. These experiments were the impetus for the fact that athletes fell in love with steroids and started „consuming“ them to achieve the desired results in sport. The results were soon visible and we could see how athletes became more muscular, their bodies became more sculpted and their strength and endurance increased. Taking anabolic was the norm until later years when, after further research, steroids were banned for use in sports disciplines. This ban is still in place today in many countries around the world but this does not prevent athletes from continuing to use them in their practice.

How steroids work

Anabolics have proven to be effective not only for rapidly gaining weight and increasing strength, but also for the regeneration of muscle tissue. They accelerate protein synthesis in the body and are a fast carrier of testosterone. Additional ingestion of the hormone promotes muscle growth. Steroids act as catabolic blockers, which helps increase body fat.

Athletes who take natural anabolics run less risk of side effects than those who take synthetic steroid analogues. It has been observed that many people after pumping muscle with chemically induced changes in behavior, an increase in aggression and irritability, and an inherent feeling of euphoria. These qualities contribute to an increase in the duration of intensive workouts.

Steroid use

Many sportsmen like bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters etc. wish to buy steroids for muscle growth. It is better to ask a specialist or a sports physician which steroids will show good results already during the first course, from the first use. Anabolics are taken in courses that are calculated for each individual, taking into account the wishes, the characteristics of the body and the type of steroid. The drugs are divided into several types: pills and injections. Some people try to combine them together to increase their effectiveness.

What are steroids? They are chemicals that are taken to increase muscle mass. It is available for use in both men and women. There is no way to take steroids without harm, as they all cause visible damage to your health. Overuse of anabolic drugs can lead to severe processes. Most often they are taken in pills and in injections. The first option is more toxic and affects the liver and can cause tumors. This steroid medication in injections is less harmful, but prolonged use has negative effects as well.

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Side effects of anabolic use

The effects of taking steroids do not last long and adverse effects may appear after just a week or two. Among the most common reactions are:

  • Gynecomastia;
  • Hepatotoxicity;
  • Acne and rashes;
  • Hirsutism and baldness on the head;
  • Cardiovascular problems;
  • Increased blood pressure;Problems with sexual life, impaired potency;
  • Tumours that may become malignant;
  • Fluid retention leading to swelling;
  • Hyperpericardia;
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances;
  • Decreased immunity.

The side effects of steroids may manifest differently in everyone. It is important to think about the right course of treatment and to take concomitant medication to help manage the negative effects.

Effects of sports nutrition on the body

Among the negative reactions of the body the first place is occupied by hormonal disturbances. When testosterone and other anabolics enter the bloodstream more than normal, hormonal disruption begins. In men this is reflected in the termination of endogenous hormone production. In women there is increased hairiness, coarsening of the voice, menstrual disorders and other signs of masculinisation. If the drugs are used among those under the age of majority, it may cause shortness of stature.

Sports nutrition in the form of a course of steroids can also cause serious illness. When an anabolic overdose occurs, lipid metabolism is disrupted. The risk of heart attack and stroke increases, myocardial dystrophy and arrhythmia can occur, in some cases even sudden death. There is also the possibility of developing diabetes mellitus.

The harmful effects are not limited to physiological disorders. Testosterone and others affect the CNS. They impair sexual activity, cause aggression and mood swings. Depression, psychosis and depression may also occur.

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